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Influencers: The Revival

West Coast Youth Conference launched its first digital event, "Influencers: The Back to School Revival." WCYC first broadcasted this event on Facebook and YouTube on August 20, 2021 at 7 pm PST. Our evening worship was lead by Sam Baker, the WCYC Praise Team and the WCYC Band, who guided us to a place of praise and meditation. These moments were interwoven with inspiring words from some of our West Coast Youth, sharing what being an influencer and a modern-day disciple means. Our message was then presented by Furman "Pace" Fordham III on the topic: "Influencers: Modern-day Disciples."

This message was empowering. Pace encouraged viewers to see themselves as influencers. Removing the red tape that has been placed in front of us and see ourselves as capable of sharing the gospel. He asked us to take up the mantle from those we see as bearers of the gospel and reminding us that we are all called to do so ourselves. This is a powerful message as we are entering the new school year. Watch it using the video above or the youtube link:

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